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The Fort

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Compatible with Unity 3D 2018.1

The Fort is an environment pack that consists of 80 unique models and 71 prefabs. 

The actual fort parts and walls are modular allowing for the creation of many different combinations for the creation of forts.

The main scene of The Fort is based on the scenario that a gold mine has been found in the past, a fort was built around it to protect the gold. 

For some reason, the mine has collapsed or it was depleted and abandoned. In the meantime, a small town has started building around the fort. 

Of course, there is a train station as there is a need for the gold bars to be transferred! At the outskirts of this town, Indians have a small settlement.

The asset pack can be used for Top-down, 2.5D, third person and FPS type of games.

PBR textures are fully supported. All buildings and large surface models have 4K textures

Many props add to the atmosphere of The Fort. Some of them are : 

Winchester rifles, machine gun, different kinds of barrels, crates, rocking chairs, buckets, wagons, cannons, desert plants, rocks, several different buildings, horses, axe, fences, windmill, campfire, wood logs, moving American flag, Mint to produce gold bars, mine train and wagons, Classic western train, and much more.