Privacy Statement

Information Collection

When there is a purchase from Methexis store we receive your name, address, and email in order to identify you as a client. Additionally, we receive your computer's IP address. We can email you on updates, news about our company and the store.

Business - Client relationship

When you purchase anything from our store, we enter together into a business - client relationship. In order to purchase something, you are requested to supply us, your information and by doing so you give your consent to store your information. 

With this information, we can charge your credit card, identify you are a buyer and offer better personal services.

At any given point you may change your mind about this business relationship. You can notify us by an email and we will stop storing your information.


We can disclose your personal information if we are obliged by the law or if you violate our Terms of Service.

E-Shop / E-Commerce

The platform in which Methexis's store operates is powered by Shopify Inc. Using their well known and secure platform we are able to offer you our online services. All your data is stored by them in a secured server environment.


Your Credit card data is stored momentarily by Shopify in order to receive payment for the products you are buying. After the purchase is completed all transaction information is deleted.
Transactions carried out using Visa, Mastercard Amex or other cards