We realize the need of the small Indie Studio to express themselves with a game but cannot afford the cost of a big AAA production.

We realize the need of the presenter to make an impact with what they have to say by investing more in what they have to say rather than on how it will look.

We realize the need of the Indie Filmmaker, who is struggling to make a point with their creation as if million dollars filmmaking investments don't exist. 

We realize the need of the hobbyist to use high-quality 3D graphics to tell their story or to play around, without paying a fortune for a dozen of models.

We realize the need of the coding guy who has all the talent in the world in coding but he just can't handle the graphics part for his game.


Methexis Studios wants to reach for you. We want to take out the middleman. We are in a position to do that cause we only sell and promote our products, so we focus on them by investing in the two things that matter.

Great looking work and a totally secure way for that work to reach you.

We do not maintain a huge organization with hundreds or thousands of servers being run with hundreds or even thousands of employees. This way we don't make a fortune every hour but also we don't have crazy expenses.

We keep a tight balance that will allow us to sell directly to you in a way that we both benefit because there is no middleman.


Our goal is to be flexible. Standards, procedures, and guidelines work well don't misunderstand us, but there are these moments where you want business people to act as humans and not as paid "robots". You want a company to show its human side and take you by the hand and really help you do this. This is Methexis Studios.

Such things are prohibited in big business structures, first of all, cause it ruins their prestige and secondly they can't do it, they are too impersonal to do it, no matter how "friendly" they are dressed up.