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About Methexis

We are a creative studio dedicated in making 3d worlds and assets for the best game engines in the world. Our products have been hand picked over thousands of others.

3D Graphics

H i my name is Antonis Fassolas and I am the founder of Methexis Studios. After years in the graphics / design production we decided that it is time to create a studio which would represent our work and the fusion of our individual talents . Have worked professionally for over 15 years in the Multimedia / Web design industry while paying close attention to the evolution of 3D graphics and game development.

It appears this is the best period where enough tools have been created that make the life of a designer a lot better than the past. One aspect of work that was never easy and which requires many resources in order to produce a good result was game development.

Today with the introduction of tools like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 and open source software that allows the creation of the most complicated 3D graphics it is possible for a small team even for one person to create a game that can compete with the best ones.

Our expertise covers a big part of the industry production cycle starting from web design, graphic illustrations to 3d modeling, game design and coding. We all utilize part of our knowledge to contribute into our current productions having mostly to do with 3d graphics creations, props and visualizations.

We were lucky enough as kids, to come in touch with the first personal computers of the early 80’s and have watched up close all the developments and progress that was made during these 20 something years. It is a very big advantage to know and understand how it all started and the technological trip everything took to reach today’s hi tech products both in hardware and software.

Sometimes less is more. If one looks closely on anything, pretty soon, they realize that even the most complex forms and shapes can be broken down to simpler ones. If you evolve this ability then it becomes obvious that it works the other way too. Many simple forms can express much more complex ones.

This knowledge gives allows for a different perspective as to how things have evolved and thus one is able to recognize ‘patterns’ or trends for what is to come. Our work is the product of this knowledge. Both in technical and social level, what we create represents the evolution and continuity of the digital path we are on.

Game industry

Ιt is not just the knowledge of software that allows someone to create beautiful things. The software today has advanced so much and has become so complex that many people consider this the only essential part needed for creating great works.

Unfortunately this is not the case. All software is just means of performing a task. Software are tools for making things. It is not much different than a brush and oil paint. After understanding the tools one must have it in them to create something great.

The same way that a normal person after understanding how the brush and oil paint work cannot create the Mona Lisa likewise one cannot create digital ‘masterpieces’ even if they know all the software in the world. Graphic design on any form and level is art. All forms of art flow from within. If you have what is needed within, learn the software to express it and it will be wonderful.

Detail, detail, detail. As consumers we tend not to pay much attention to the graphic details of things. Consider a menu in a restaurant, how many of you have actually noticed the graphic details it might have on? We bet almost none (unless you are a designer).

What sets the graphic work of one person apart from another is in the details. Next time you are out there think of this. Notice how one graphics artist presents their work and compare it to another one. Try to make something similar (do not copy) and when you finish check out the details of your work against that of established professional artists.

It will no doubt be apparent that you missed details that show you are not a professional or rather you are on your way of becoming one. Professional products of any kind must be complete, well detailed and polished in a way that shows their creator has spend time and effort on them.



Transform ideas to worlds

Do or do not, there is no try …

When you are passionate about something, strange words of wise men come to mind

Our Service

We follow the needs of game developers as well as global industry trends and supply at a regular basis 3d models, props and environment packs that help create and visualize games. We mainly target the Unity 3D engine market and real soon will be porting our creations to Unreal 4 engine. Furthermore we offer original Music tracks and Sound effects for any kind of ideas.


Dedicated contract

We will work on bringing your ideas to life.

Music / Sound FX

Original Music composition and SFX creations.

Custom Solutions

We can give you a price quote for customization requests on purchased products.

Fast & Friendly Support

With your purchase you get free support for one year.



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.



  • Value for money… looks great in Unity 5, textures spot on. I give it 5 stars

    Wheelbarrow - Asset buyer
  • Excellent value… comes with a metric tonne of models… I would expect it to go for quadruple its price

    12ssmith1 - Asset buyer
  • Really wonderful and detailed ancient Greek structures. I can’t wait for volume II

    Gideon Egger - Asset buyer
  • I’m in love! Great.

    Kasia Mitrus via Facebook
  • This was really pretty awesome

    Wayne Adrriane via Facebook
  • Just waiting for release … I’ll be getting a copy I’m sure.

    Jack S Wolfie via Facebook




Our team

We place our collected skills and diverse talents together in order to bring thoughts and ideas, to life.

Antonis Fassolas

3d Modeler, Environment Artist

Eva Aravidou

Designer, Texture Artist

Nick Fassolas

Music Composer, Sound FX Guru




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